Here you can find out about the most important items to a player are in the game. Get to know what the games main Currency is and what the resources are and what their main uses are.


Tylium Icon Tylium Mini Tylium Icon - Common resource used as fuel

"Ship fuel that can be exchanged for common items."

Needed to buy ships, items and ammo, upgrade equipment and used as ship fuel for flying and jumping.

Titanium Icon Titanium Mini Titanium Icon - Resource required for repairs

"Used to restore Durability, can be exchanged for Tylium."

Needed to repair ship hull and ship equipment after receiving damage in battle.

Water Icon Water Mini Water Icon - High value resource

"In short supply in the fleet, can be exchanged for Cubits."

Helpful to mine large quantities to exchange it for Cubits to aid in advancing further ahead.


Cubit Icon Cubits Mini Cubit Icon - High value currency

"Currency that can be exchanged for advanced items and other resources."

Needed to buy items, ammo, ships, upgrade equipment and ships.

Merit Icon Merits Mini Merit Icon - Special awards for combat performance

"Awarded for exceptional performance in the service of your fleet. Merits can be earned by completing the Disrupt Enemy Operations assignment and defeating enemy players and Outposts."

Needed to buy nuclear ammo, buy and upgrade ships and upgrade role abilities.