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Typhons Night

Carrier Rework

Stealth Ships

The Awakening

Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online or BSGO is a Free-to-Play, browser-based space combat MMOG.

Bigpoint Icon.pngBigpoint designed and produced the game, which is based on Syfy’s award-winning, internationally popular television series Battlestar Galactica, produced by NBC Universal Cable Productions.



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This Month's Featured Article

Unknown Device.png
This unknown device was discovered during the attack that followed the destruction of the Cylon Resurrection Hub. Next to nothing is known of the devices origins or purpose.

It was discovered as it was emanating a signal in the area where the device then activated, sending out a pulse of energy which caused all nearby ships FTL engines to activate. Read more...

Recent Articles: Unknown FTL Device - Asteroid - Brimir



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  • 13th: The latest blog, Dev Blog 24 - "4th Anniversary" shows whats ahead for Update 50.
  • 10th: BSGO celebrates 4th Anniversary with redeemable code and Update 50 teases.


  • 16th: Dev Blog 23 – “The Plan” is released on the forums.
  • 15th: BSGO announces their license is renewed and server merges are running on schedule.
  • 15th: Game Update 49 is released to live servers.
  • 6th: The Typhons Night event from Update 48 ends.

Tweets from BGO

Did You Know...?
Did you know that...
  • ...many of the ship and system names are taken from Old Norse mythology?
  • ...Colonial Escorts are named after Pole Weapons and Cylon Escorts are named after Spirits?
  • ...Water used to be exchanged for Tylium?
  • ...Rayet and Canaris were the last systems added to the Veil Sector map back in December 2011?

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