Welcome to the To Do List. As the page title might suggest, here you can find a list of tasks in need of completing to keep the wiki well maintained and be the most informative wiki for BSGO. You can:

  • Search for a task to be completed.
  • Add a task to the list you think should be done.
  • Remove a task if has been completed.

General Wiki MaintenanceEdit

  • Check pages for spelling or grammar errors.
  • Add appropriate Categories to pages and files.
  • Add Stubs to all short or incomplete pages.
  • Expand on all created. 1 remaining.
  • Add any missing information to tables and infoboxes.
  • Find a location to use any unused images or tag them to be deleted.
  • Remove all inclusions of duplicate images, then add {{dup}} to the file page. Highest-quality transparent PNG images should be used in the event of duplication.

Main PageEdit

  • Keep Fleet News Service updated with Update announcements via Forums, Facebook, Dev Blog etc.


  • Change Hybrid Prophecies content from sale announcements to a list of forum posts made by developers that contain relevant information that are not found in game patch notes or dev blogs. Example - info regarding upcoming updates, game details not previously known etc.
  • Alter the Community Portal to be relevant to this wikia.


  • Add all Colonial Ship pages and fill out stats, paints, descriptions, changes made from game update history etc for both level 1 and level 2 (advanced) versions.
  • Add all Cylon Ship pages and fill out stats, paints, descriptions etc for both level 1 and level 2 (advanced) versions.
  • Add NPCs and drones detailing locations, loot drops, level and stats.


  • Add separate pages for all items with descriptions, prices, available locations.
  • Add all equipment with full details including separate and total upgrade prices with resources and tuning kits.


  • Pages needed for Assignments, Dynamic Missions, Duty Missions, Story Missions.


  • Skill list needs added with all details.


  • Add details of all areas of game relevant to a guide.
  • Finish Beginners guide with additional How To Do's .
  • Add Tutorial Guides.


  • Add links to sources/references.
  • Link up Orphaned pages.