Battlestar Galactica Online
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Human or Cylon? Man or Machine? You decide.




Game Engine

Unity 3D


Mac OS X

Release Date(s)

Closed Beta: 1st November, 2010
Open Beta: 8th February, 2011
Open Beta end: 7th July, 2011


Space Simulator


Online Browser Game


Battlestar Galactica Online or BGO is a browser-based, Free-to-Play, Massively Multiplayer Online Game based on a separate continuity of 2004's re-imagined television series Battlestar Galactica. Released in open beta on the 8th of February, 2011, it was developed by Bigpoint and Artplant using 3D graphics which were developed using the Unity Game Development Tool for the game client in the browser. The game server is written in Erlang.

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In less than three months of release, the game surpassed 2 million registered users but subsequent retention statistics have not been made available. As of January, 2014, BGO has more than 17 million registered users.

Bigpoint claims Battlestar Galactica Online is one of the best projects they have had as far as technology. They released this brief description about this game before its release:

"Players will be able to choose to play as Cylons or humans in a constant struggle to control the universe or just survive its perils. A blend of tactical space combat, exploration, and mission-based gameplay will provide a diverse experience. The dramatic missions will define the game's overall storyline, enabling the player to delve into mysteries of the Battlestar universe. Battlestar Galactica Online will create a new standard for web games, with beautiful 3D graphics and innovative game mechanics bringing a new level of game play to browser based MMOG. Assets from the television production will be integrated into the game to deliver an even more authentic experience."

  • Choose your side: Play as either Cylons or Humans.
  • State of the art 3D graphics directly in your internet browser window.
  • Free to play, with micro-payment options.
  • Action-packed tactical space combat with a huge range of offensive and defensive systems.
  • A strategic battle for resources and territory between Human and Cylon players raging across dozens of star systems.
  • Story-based missions that delve into new aspects of the show’s universe.
  • Varied progression options that offer the freedom to create your ideal Battlestar Galactica character.
  • Multiple ships to command, with a huge variety of upgrades and customization choices.

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