Dynamic Mission Map Locations
Dynamic Missions are event missions which randomly appear in various systems that require one or more tasks to be performed to complete the mission.

Players of either faction can participate in the same mission as they will have either the same or opposing goals to complete their mission.

Dynamic Missions can come in three difficulties, Easy, Medium and Hard with each difficulty set to be completed by players of a specific level range.

Sector MapEdit

Any active Dynamic Missions can be seen on the Sector Map through various icons.

  • Neutral DM Icon - Neutral Dynamic Mission - Freighter In Distress - Mission yet to be activated by a player.
  • Colonial DM Icon - Colonial Dynamic Mission - Freighter In Distress - Mission activated by a Colonial player.
  • Cylon DM Icon - Cylon Dynamic Mission - Freighter In Distress - Mission activated by a Cylon player.
  • Drone Incursion Icon - Drone Incursion Mission - This icon appeared during the Awakening event.

Freighter in DistressEdit

The Freighter in Distress mission is where a freighter has FTL jumped into a system but is unable to jump out as it's engines begin malfunctioning. The opposing goals are for one faction to defend the Freighter while it repairs its engines while the other faction is to destroy the freighter before the engines are repaired.

Drone IncursionEdit

The Drone Incursion mission was an event mission during the Awakening event. During the mission, a Drone Command Nexus would jump into a system and launch several waves of Drone fighters. Players of both factions were required to destroy all fighters as well as the Command Nexus.

The mission was added to the game as a regular Dynamic Mission.