Weapons Platforms or Platforms (Plats) are stationary, automated NPC defense systems which come equipped with 1 to 2 cannons and 1 to 2 missile launchers, depending on the type of Platform. They appear as various sizes of asteroids with installations built on the surface.

They are not aligned with either Colonial or Cylon factions and are marked as yellow targets which Drones are also marked as so it is presumed they are part of the same neutral faction, as Platforms and Drones do not fire upon one another.

There are four types of Platforms found in the Veil Sector, each with different sizes ranging from Light, Medium and Heavy sizes.

Suppression Platform Avatar

Guardian Platform Avatar

Suppression Platform Avatar

Guardian Platform Avatar

Sentry PlatformsEdit

Each faction can have a maximum of four Sentry Platforms which spawn around their respective Outposts in each system should the Outpost Progress be high enough. Sentry Platforms come in three different sizes, Light, Medium and Heavy.

  • Colonial Sentry Platform

Colonial Sentry Avatar

  • Cylon Sentry Platform

Cylon Sentry Avatar


Destroying one weapons platform will count towards the Disable Weapons Platform assignment.